Water ATP free swabs, Clean-Trace™

Dodávateľ: 3M
Water ATP free swabs, Clean-Trace™
Tampóny odběrové Tampóny pro odběr vzorků
Water hygiene test to measure free ATP in a sample.

  • Innovatively designed for water sample collection uniformity
  • Detects the presence of biological contamination in Clean in Place (CIP) rinse water or other process waters
  • Self-contained 30-second test for use with CIP rinse water or other process waters
  • Allows you to understand the hygiene status of your CIP system in seconds
  • Helps reduce risk of cross contamination due to poor cleaning
  • Allows optimisation of Biocide programs

Real-time ATP water hygiene test which gives an objective indication of cleanliness in CIP water samples in seconds. A dedicated ATP water test that is designed to prevent sampling inaccuracy inherent in collecting a water sample with a swab. Its overall simplicity makes it a powerful addition to your hygiene program. Results measured in the 3M™ Clean-Trace™ NG Luminometer and provided in Relative Light units (RLU).
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