Stereo zoom microscopes, EZ4

Dodávateľ: Leica
630-3132EA 2850.76 EUR
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Stereo zoom microscopes, EZ4
The Leica EZ4 educational stereo microscope with 4.4:1 zoom for entry level university and college courses such as biology, anatomy and chemistry.

  • LED episcopic illumination, three integrated methods and diascopic, light can be switched independently or combined, and can be controlled via the membrane switch
  • Seven way LED illumination - provides incident, oblique and transmitted light for high quality illumination and contrast of any application
  • 4.4:1 zoom - magnification from 8 to 35× provides high resolution images
  • Provides over 20 years of bright LED illumination which saves time and cost of replacement bulbs
  • Bright LED illumination - saves time and cost of replacement bulbs
  • Greenough optical systems - provide very flat and large depth of field 3-D views
  • Focusing drive can be adjusted in its ease of movement for comfortable focusing by students and teachers illuminator's
  • The grip is integrated for safe carrying

Vibration-resistant feet: Prevents annoying shake while adjusting the instrument and stops it from sliding. The special transparent rubber material does not mark tabletops.

Provide optimal viewing conditions, whether you wear spectacles or not. They are sealed in place against loss or theft (except for the Leica EZ4 with open eyepiece tubes). The soft eyecup protects spectacles against scratching. They can be replaced and cleaned for hygenic reasons. The 60° viewing angle is equally ergonomic for students and teachers with different physical builds. The eyepiece tubes adjust simultaneously from 50 to 75 mm to provide the correct personal interpupillary distance for all users.

Base and glass stage plate: Provides excellent stability despite its small footprint, and a pleasantly low handrest for comfortable work. The glass stage plate is an easy to clean object holder. The housing as well as the membrane switch and glass stage plate can be cleaned easily with a soft cloth and diluted dishwashing liquid. The membrane switch and glass stage plate are sealed into the surface to prevent the accidental entry of liquids that could damage the transmitted-light illuminator.

The 10° greenough optical systems/6 optics carrier provides parfocality, the image remains in focus from the lowest magnification to the highest. It corresponds to natural, and thus fatigue-free, eyesight. It provides excellent depth of field, thus presenting a greater range of three-dimensional objects in focus and reducing the need to adjust the focus while observing. Flat, thin specimens are displayed as truly level, without optical distortion.

The magnification changer and focusing drive remain responsive, precise and easy to adjust, even after years of use, thanks to their precision design and solid workmanship. The annoying jumps and imprecision typical of cheap stereo microscopes from other manufacturers do not occur in Leica instruments.

Informace o dodávce: Supplied with protective housing and supply cable. 2 year warranty.
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