Kjeldahl steam distillation units, K-350 and K-355

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Kjeldahl steam distillation units, K-350 and K-355
Destilační systémy Kjeldahlův destilační systém
Compact distillation units for the determination of nitrogen and protein by such classical methods as Kjeldahl, TKN (total kjeldahl nitrogen) and Devarda. The units have applications in analytical laboratories across a range of industries including food and beverage, agriculture, environmental monitoring, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Compact steam generator with cooling water control
  • Housing made of acid- and alkali-resistant plastic
  • All internal and external components are accessed from the front of the unit
  • Alkali dosing
  • Safety protection for the operator - protective door with sensor, sample tube detector
  • Electronic regulation of steam output 30 to 100% (only for K-355)

K-350: This is a modern, cost efficient, basic, manual distillation unit for high recovery rates.

K-355: A more advanced version of the K-350 with acid dosing via an acid resistant pump. Electronic regulation of the steam output allows for more versatile distillation methods where reduced steam output is required. The control and interface is more convenient.

Informace o dodávce: Supplied with steam generator, pair of glass tongs, sample tube, hoses, 2×10 litre tanks (3×10 litre tanks for K-355), glass splash protector and mains cable.
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