MinION™ Mk1C DNA/RNA Sequencing Device

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MinION™ Mk1C DNA/RNA Sequencing Device
Next Generation Sequencing Instruments
MinION™ Mk1C ― your 'all in one', portable DNA and RNA sequencer.

  • Real time sequencing of DNA or RNA — rapid results and base modification data as standard
  • Sequence DNA/RNA molecules of any length — from short to ultra-long (20 bp to >4 Mb)
  • Portable device — sequence at sample source
  • High resolution touch screen display allowing complete device control and easy visualisation of results
  • Integrated, real time compute with pre-installed base calling and analysis software
  • Ethernet- and Wi-Fi-enabled — upload and share your data, wherever you are

MinION Mk1C provides the power of nanopore sequencing in a fully portable device with integrated real-time base calling and data analysis, touchscreen operation, and wireless connectivity. Sequence and analyze your samples in the lab or field, and easily standardize assays across multiple sites or collaborators.

Starter Packs provide the most economical way to begin your nanopore sequencing. When purchased as part of a starter pack, the MinION Mk1C is supplied as a loan instrument for a 12-month period. To continue your nanopore sequencing after the first 12 months, simply renew your annual software license and device warranty.

The high yields of nanopore sequencing data are suitable for a range of applications, including metagenomic species identification, antibiotic resistance profiling, microbial genome assembly, plasmid sequencing, targeted sequencing, low-coverage sequencing of large genomes, and isoform-level transcriptomics.

Choose a MinION Mk1C Starter Pack to suit your specific application:
- Ligation sequencing and native barcoding kits — highest output and control over read lengths (prep time from 60 min). Choose the latest v14 chemistry with R10.4.1 flow cells for the highest read accuracy
- Rapid sequencing and rapid barcoding kits — fastest, simplest library preparation (prep time from 10 min). Choose the latest v14 chemistry with R10.4.1 flow cells for high read accuracy. These kits are able to generate sequencing accuracies of over 99% (Q20+) and duplex data but have been optimised for speed and simplicity. If users require high duplex data, we recommend the ligation sequencing kit v14 or native barcoding kit v14
- cDNA-PCR sequencing kit — identification and quantification of full-length transcripts with highest output (~120 min prep time; 4 ng poly(A)+ RNA input)
- Direct RNA sequencing kit — sequence RNA molecules directly and preserve base modifications (115 min prep time; 500 ng poly-A+ RNA input)
- Covid-19 — rapid whole-genome sequencing of up to 576 SARS-Cov-2 samples (in batches of up to 96 samples per run)

Visit the individual library prep kit web pages for more detailed information, including sample prep times and input amounts.

Objednávacie informácie: Starter packs that include SQK-LSK110 or SQK-RAD004 kits are anticipated to be discontinued in september 2023. These have been superceded by the v14 kit chemistries, which are compatible with R10.4.1 flow cells.

Informace o dodávce: Product lead time is 2 weeks.

Pozor: Oxford Nanopore Technologies products are not intended for use for health assessment or to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure, or prevent any disease or condition.
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