DNA collection tool, microFLOQ®

Dodávateľ: COPAN Diagnostics
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DNA collection tool, microFLOQ®
Tampóny odběrové Tampóny v tubách
The microFLOQ® is an innovative DNA collection tool featuring a micro flocked swab head co-developed by French Gendarmerie Forensic Research Institute (IRCGN™) and Copan.

  • Sensitive and cost effective: no extraction step needed
  • Rapid results: time to result in less than two hours for direct sampling or subsampling
  • Quick DNA testing directly on the scene for multiple samples: saliva, blood, semen, sweat, tissues, touch DNA
  • Short tube with active drying system
  • Forensic DNA grade
  • Breaking point: 17 mm
  • Treatment: Lysing

The microFLOQ® tool enables users to obtain a 24 DNA markers profile in less than two hours, skipping the DNA extraction step. This is possible thanks to the lysing treatment applied on the fibres, which breaks the cells upon contact. All the DNA collected can be directly amplified in the standard 96-well PCR microplates. The swab is empowered by the FLOQ® technology for superior sample adsorption and release.

Certifikácie: ISO 18385:2016. The validated EO TREATMENT assesses the degradation of possible human DNA residuals. Free of amplifiable human DNA, detectable and amplifiable DNase, and RNase. Personnel STR database.

Pozor: MicroFLOQ® are not intended for diagnostic purposes.
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