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COPA3006C100EA 6413.1 EUR
COPA3006C100 COPA3005C100 COPA40U032D COPA3008C50 COPA3001C50 COPA40U031D COPA3004C50 COPA3001C100
Činidla pro nukleové kyseliny Nucleic Acid Purification Kits and Reagents
NUCLEIC-CARD™ is specifically designed to collect, transport, and store human DNA from buccal cells, saliva, blood, etc. Thanks to the unique chemical treatment, NUCLEIC-CARD™ preserves DNA for 20 years at room temperature.

  • Direct amplification
  • Automation and cleaning area
  • Every NUCLEIC-CARD™ is identified with a pre-printed barcode
  • Forensic DNA grade

The lysing treatment on the NUCLEIC-CARD™ allows a direct PCR STR analysis on a small punch of the card, without the need for the extraction step. NUCLEIC-CARD™ is compatible with punching systems. NUCLEIC-CARD™ includes an area for cleaning strikes while punching with manual or automated punchers.

Certifikácie: ISO 18385:2016. The validated EO treatment assesses the degradation of possible human DNA residuals. Free of amplifiable human DNA, detectable and amplifiable DNase, and RNase. Personnel STR database.

Pozor: The NUCLEIC-CARD™ is not intended for diagnostic purposes.
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