CPC® Multi-Tube Quick-Disconnect Connectors

Dodávateľ: CPC (Colder Products Company)
MFLX31308-19EA 170.26 EUR
MFLX31308-19 MFLX31308-16 MFLX31308-17 MFLX31050-04BLK MFLX31308-14 MFLX31050-02BLK MFLX31307-86 MFLX31050-06BLK MFLX31307-89 MFLX31051-27 MFLX31307-88 MFLX31307-85 MFLX31307-88BLK MFLX31307-81 MFLX31307-75BLK MFLX31308-09BLK MFLX31307-96BLK MFLX31308-09 MFLX31308-07 MFLX31052-41 MFLX31050-01 MFLX31050-02 MFLX31308-28 MFLX31308-06 MFLX31052-24 MFLX31308-25 MFLX31050-01BLK MFLX31308-26 MFLX31050-05 MFLX31307-98 MFLX31308-24 MFLX31050-06 MFLX31307-75 MFLX31050-05BLK MFLX31050-03 MFLX31050-04 MFLX31307-93 MFLX31307-96 MFLX31307-73 MFLX31307-90 MFLX31307-91 MFLX31308-25BLK MFLX31307-93BLK MFLX31308-06BLK
CPC® Multi-Tube Quick-Disconnect Connectors
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Save time—with one coupling you can connect two, six, or ten lines.

  • One easy-to-use quick disconnect for multiple tubing lines
  • Multiline couplings offer quick transfers and minimize down time

These CPC® multi-tube connectors simplify the manual steps in your process for quick transfers and minimize your down time. These couplings make it easy to handle multiple tubing lines in your process that require connection and reconnection. They can disconnect multiple lines with the push of a button. Choose from the Twin Tube™, Sixtube™, and Tentube™ series couplings, providing two, six, or ten lines respectively.

The Twin Tube™ coupling provides one easy-to-use quick disconnect for two separate fluid lines. These non-valved couplings maintain two individual flow paths in one connection.

The Sixtube™ coupling provides one easy-to-use quick disconnect for up to six separate fluid lines. These are available with valves on either side for maximum design flexibility.

The Tentube™ coupling provides one easy-to-use quick disconnect for up to ten separate fluid lines. The These are available with valves on the body side in panel mount or in-line configurations for maximum design flexibility.
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