CPC® APC Acetal Quick-Disconnect Fittings, Bodies and Inserts

Dodávateľ: CPC (Colder Products Company)
MFLX06353-01BLKEA 149.89 EUR
MFLX06353-01BLK MFLX49007-36 MFLX06353-19 MFLX06353-08BLK MFLX06353-17 MFLX06353-15 MFLX06353-34 MFLX06353-11 MFLX06353-21BLK MFLX06353-25BLK MFLA06353-33_U MFLX06353-09 MFLX06353-34BLK MFLX06353-07 MFLX06353-08 MFLX06353-07BLK MFLX06353-25 MFLX06353-26 MFLX06353-23 MFLX06353-01 MFLX06353-24 MFLB06353-22_U MFLX06353-02 MFLX06353-21 MFLB06353-28_U
CPC® APC Acetal Quick-Disconnect Fittings, Bodies and Inserts
Fitinky a konektory
Fittings connect in a snap.

  • No exposed metal parts
  • Protects against accidental disconnects

These CPC® APC-Series quick-disconnect fittings, combine a compact design with durable acetal construction, making them an excellent choice for many applications. All fittings feature a 1/4” flow, plastic thumb latch, fewer moving parts, and a smooth contoured design to deliver ease-of-use and excellent flow in a compact size. Simply press the thumb latch to disconnect fitting halves. Choose from in-line compression and hose barb bodies which feature shrouded latches to provide further protection against accidental disconnect. The ferruleless PTF compression fittings do not require ferrules to achieve a secure connection, which makes them easier to use and reuse. PTF fittings are designed for semi-rigid tubing, i.e., polyethylene, nylon, polyurethane, etc.

A complete coupler requires a fitting body and an insert (order separately).
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