John Guest acetal push-to-connect reducing unions

Dodávateľ: John Guest
MFLX34006-26EA 54.41 EUR
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John Guest acetal push-to-connect reducing unions
Fitinky a konektory
No need to buy two fitting halves.

  • Meet NSF and FDA compliance for food-grade applications
  • Quick-disconnect convenience for a wide variety of tubing material—including soft metals!

A single fitting offers secure connections and quick disconnection—no need to purchase two fitting halves. Simply push tubing past the O-ring to the internal tube stop—steel teeth on the collet grip tubing for leakproof connections. To disconnect, press collet against fitting body to disengage steel teeth—tubing slides right out.

Fittings work with semirigid plastic (polypropylene, polyethylene, nylon) and soft metal (brass, copper, mild steel) tubing. To connect flexible tubing such as Tygon® or silicone, order soft tube supports.
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