Overlook Industries OneShot Single-Use Filling Nozzles

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MFLX30619-04EA 244.32 EUR
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Overlook Industries OneShot Single-Use Filling Nozzles
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Reduce filler line downtime and risk of cross-contamination.

  • Lower costs for cleaning, sterilization, and validation
  • Provide enhanced flexibility in batch scheduling and product development
  • Dimensional tolerances of +/-0.05% for assured repeatability

These nozzles combine the ease of single-use plastic components with the accuracy and reliability of stainless steel filler needles. Tight dimensional tolerances help to ensure precision in your dispensing applications. Nozzles feature a 316L stainless steel needle and a polycarbonate base with hose barb adapter. Materials meet USDA and USP Class VI requirements, and is FDA compliant. All filling nozzles are sterilizable by ethylene oxide, autoclaving, or gamma irradiation (note: polycarbonate will turn a greenish-yellow hue when gamma irradiated).
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