CPC® DrumQuik® PUR Complete Drum Dispensing Systems

Dodávateľ: CPC (Colder Products Company)
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CPC® DrumQuik® PUR Complete Drum Dispensing Systems
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Closed-system design for safety—virgin materials for high-purity assurance.

  • Clean-room manufactured to assure a high level of purity
  • 100% metal-free design—ideal for applications demanding the highest level of purity
  • Easy-to-use, economical solution for chemical dispensing
  • Ideal for 5-gallon jerry cans, 55-gallon drums, and IBCs

The CPC® DrumQuik® PUR drum dispensing system offers a simplified solution to your chemical dispensing needs. This system maintains a closed system, protecting your facility, your operating environment, and your employees from the potential dangers of chemical drips, spills and escaping fumes. This system is a 100% metal-free, cleanroom packaged, PVDF product designed specifically for applications demanding the highest level of purity. The dispensing system is mostly comprised of a reusable quick-disconnect coupler made of virgin PVDF and a single-use drum insert assembly made from virgin high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

The simple connections, rugged construction, and chemical-resistant materials handle a wide variety of applications—including acids and caustics, agricultural liquids, cleaning agents and sterilant, paints and coatings, and food oils and syrups. With all-plastic construction, there are no worries about metallic chemical contaminations.

Required system components are a coupler body, drum insert, dip tube, and liquid port coupler. Optional accessories include a vent check valve and drum insert plug. Order the convenient dispensing kits or individual components to customize your own system. Choose the kit including the PEEK spring and FKM seal for acid service, or select the kit including a PPS spring and FFKM seal for caustic and solvents.
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