Masterflex® Union Fittings, Hose Barb, Straight, HDPE, Avantor®

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MFLX40626-54EA 105.92 EUR
MFLX40626-54 MFLX30626-50 MFLX40626-53 MFLX30625-85 MFLX30612-09 MFLX30622-50 MFLX30625-87 MFLX30626-55 MFLX30625-89 MFLX40622-53 MFLX30622-55 MFLX30621-89 MFLX30621-87 MFLX30612-13 MFLX30621-85 MFLX30621-83 MFLX30612-33 MFLX30612-17 MFLX30621-81 MFLX40626-47 MFLX40626-44 MFLX40622-44 MFLX40622-47 MFLX30621-79 MFLX30612-21 MFLX30612-25 MFLX40612-01 MFLX30621-92 MFLX30612-29 MFLX30625-92 MFLX40612-05
Masterflex® Union Fittings, Hose Barb, Straight, HDPE, Avantor®
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Quick and easy assembly without tools.

  • Ideal for general-purpose and single-use applications, to connect tubing with rest of system
  • Determine which connector type is needed for your application by contacting free technical application assistance*
  • Global market leader in range of materials for most extensive chemical compatibility
  • Single-use custom configuration solutions to minimise downtime
  • Regulatory approvals to match your unique application
  • Unique packaging options include individuals, packs, and kits for customer-friendly ordering and delivery
  • Chemical resistant

These economical straight barbed fittings easily connect fluid paths without the use of tools. Just slip your flexible tubing or hose onto the barb to create a secure seal.
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