CPC® AseptiQuik® G Series Genderless Aseptic Connectors

Dodávateľ: CPC (Colder Products Company)
CPC® AseptiQuik® CPC® AseptiQuik® G
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CPC® AseptiQuik® G Series Genderless Aseptic Connectors
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Provide easy, secure sterile connections even in nonsterile environments.

  • Genderless design simplifies system integration—no need to worry about female and male threads
  • Robust construction provides reliable performance—even without clamps
  • Quick, three-step connection process reduces risk of operator error

Manufactured from sturdy polycarbonate, these genderless connectors are ideal for single-use and sanitary applications. Use hose barb connectors with filters, tubing, and process containers to create systems for upstream or downstream processes.

Simply fit the connector half in your tubing line. The easy three-step FLIP-CLICK-PULL assembly procedure ensures a tight seal with no additional hardware required. The audible “click” confirms a securely connected assembly.

All fittings can be sterilized by gamma irradiation. Use high-temperature fittings to sterilize via autoclave.
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