Masterflex® 3/4" Sanitary Clamp High Flow Male Quick-Disconnect Fittings, Avantor®

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Masterflex® 3/4" Sanitary Clamp High Flow Male Quick-Disconnect Fittings, Avantor®
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Mechanical innovations reduce risk of fluid cross-over and contamination. A mating connection is made with a High Flow Female fitting.

  • Aseptic connect and disconnect
  • Spring-less fluid path
  • Recessed mating features
  • USP Class VI Polypropylene and PVDF housing materials
  • Elimination of accidental disconnect with safety slide release

Masterflex® quick-disconnect fittings are an innovative and aseptic connection that allows a larger volume of fluid to pass through at lower line pressures in a smaller body. As the overall quick disconnect design has matured, a better understanding of our customers’ needs has materialized, so these unique configurations better meet the needs of medical and pharmaceutical cleanrooms, food and beverage process floors, and other heavily regulated applications.

These connections prioritize safety and sterility with traceable ISO 10993 compliant materials and reduce the risk of cross-over contamination by incorporating a vented spring chamber in the male valve assembly. Risk of contamination is further reduced by eliminating the turbulence and counter currents created by the standard in-path spring by simply removing it from obstruction. Contact surfaces are protected from the threat of environmental exposure by the recessed mating features on each side of the connection.

A unique safety slide release mechanism makes these innovative quick-disconnect fittings perfect for any environments utilizing fluid transfers connections, single-use component assemblies, or more permanent fixtures seeking to minimize accidental disconnection.

A complete coupler requires a male and female fitting with same flow size (order separately). Not compatible with other Quick-Disconnect fittings.
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