Cytocentrifuges, Cellspin®

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THARJC1000-12-L-DEA 6598.99 EUR
THARJC1000-12-L-D THARJC1000-12-G-D THARJC2000-12-EL-D THARJC1000-4-G-D THARJC1000-12-S-D THARJC2000-12-EG-D THARJC2000-8-G-R THARJC1000-8-G-D 521-2055 THARJC2100-12-L-D THARJC1000-8-L-D THARJC2100-12-G-D THARJC2100-12-EG-D THARJC2100-12-EL-D THARJC1000-12-EG-D 521-2056 THARJC2000-8-L-R THARJC2100-12-EG-R THARJC1000-12-EL-R 521-1988 521-1989 THARJC2000-12-G-D THARJC2000-8-L-D 720-1782 THARJC2100-12-EL-R THARJC2000-8-G-D 720-2930 THARJC1000-8-S-D 521-1994 521-1995 THARJC2000-12-G-R 521-1996 521-1997 521-1990 THARJC2000-12-L-R 521-1991 521-1992 521-1993
Cytocentrifuges, Cellspin®
Centrifugy Centrifugy stolní
Versatile cytocentrifuges suitable for small and large sample volumes, designed for thin layer and mono layer cell preparations in medical applications such as cytology, urology, microbiology, haematology, immunocytochemistry, virology and oncology.

  • Quick change of removable rotors within seconds
  • Smooth running, high performance motor featuring a maintenance-free frequency drive
  • Powered lid locking, quick entry foil keypad with easy to read, digital display and twist knob to enter values
  • Cellspin II (refrigerated): Variable temperature setting from –20 to +40 °C, Fast Cool function
  • Safety features: Imbalance switch off, automatic rotor recognition, lid locking and holding during rotor run, lid dropping protection, motor and chamber overheat protection (Cellspin® II)

Speed = max. 2000 min⁻¹ when used with Quickchange and Easy rotors.

Please note: This product is not available for sale in Austria.

Objednávacie informácie: Supplied with a starter kit for 200 tests. Other rotors and accessories available on request.
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