Leucosep™ tubes with porous barrier and screw cap

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Leucosep™ tubes with porous barrier and screw cap
Systémy pro klinickou diagnostiku Clinical Sample Collection/Preparation
Leucosep™ tubes have been developed for the optimal separation of lymphocytes and peripheral mononuclear cells from human whole blood and bone marrow by means of density gradient centrifugation.

  • Simplified filling through transparent porous barrier of high-grade polyethylene
  • Rapid separation in 15 minutes at room temperature
  • Removal of erythrocytes and granulocytes, no recontamination with erythrocytes, no blocking of marker molecules
  • Sterile tubes
  • Tubes conical bottom, graduated, made of polypropylene
  • Designed for single-use only

The key feature of these tubes is the transparent, porous, biologically inert barrier constructed of high-grade polyethylene

Sterile tubes offer improved yields and recoveries, higher purity enrichments, and the benefit of less time spent in procedural preparations. Polypropylene tubes feature conical bottoms and printed blue graduation markings. Supplied with HDPE screw caps. Designed for single use only.

Efficient separation of lymphocytes and mononuclear cells from peripheral blood and bone marrow. Non-cytotoxic, non-pyrogenic. No additional laboratory equipment required. Enrichment directly from whole blood.
Tubes prefilled come with 1.077 g/mL of seperation medium and features porous barriers at the 3m graduation.
Sample volume: 15 to 30 ml blood.
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