Film, Kodak BioMax® MR

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Kodak® BioMax®
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Film, Kodak BioMax® MR
Filmy pro autoradiografii Fólie
BioMax® MR is a single emulsion film that provides maximum resolution and sensitivity for detection of ³⁵S, ³²P,and ¹⁴C labelled samples. An emulsion coated on a single side of a clear support produces maximum resolution and background clarity in the detection of all labels, making overall reading of sequencing gels easier and more accurate. BioMax® MR film also provides maximum resolution for direct detection of ³²P labelled samples, delivering sharper, crisper band responses that allow viewing in exceptionally fine detail. BioMax® MR film is also suitable for detection of most chemiluminescent labelled samples. Though not as sensitive as BioMax® MS, BioMax® MR film offers maximum resolution and is the recommended film for Western chemiluminescent application where exposures are relatively short.

  • Maximum resolution and background clarity for easy and accurate reading of sequencing gels
  • Recommended for ³⁵S, ³²P and ¹⁴C labelled samples
  • T-Grain emulsion technology enhances sensitivity by two to four times that of other films, giving greater detection for low intensity bands
  • Suitable for manual or automated processing

Balenie: Non-interleaved sheets, 50 per box.
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