Film for chemiluminescent imaging, Kodak BioMax® Light

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Kodak® BioMax®
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Film for chemiluminescent imaging, Kodak BioMax® Light
Filmy pro autoradiografii Fólie
BioMax® Light is a double emulsion film that provides maximum clarity and sensitivity for detection of chemiluminescent-labelled samples. BioMax® Light produces the highest signal-to-noise ratio of any Kodak film for detection of chemiluminescence. This film performs well with all brands of chemiluminescent kits. BioMax® Light film is suitable for direct and intensifying screen exposures with commonly used isotopes, though it provides lower sensitivity resulting in longer exposure times compared to BioMax® MS, and X-OMAT AR films for radioisotope detection.

  • Suitable for both manual and automated processing

Darkroom handling: BioMax® Light film should be handled under safelight conditions using a safelight lamp equipped with a Safelight Filter GBX-2 and 15 W frosted bulb (other safelight filters may result in increased background fog and/or unwanted image exposure). The safelight should be positioned 120 cm from the film at all times. Minimise the length of time that the film is exposed to safelight conditions.
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