Reversed phase HPLC columns, PRP-3

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Reversed phase HPLC columns, PRP-3
Kolony chromatografické
PRP-3 polymeric reversed phase columns are ideal for gradient separations of peptides and proteins. The columns are packed with a poly(styrene-divinyl)benzene support.

  • Better sample recovery than silica based columns
  • Excellent durability
  • Last longer than silica based columns
  • Crosslinked to prevent shrinkage or swelling

Since the support is entirely polymeric and there are no C18 groups to hydrolyse, column lifetime is longer. Regardless of whether you use ionpair reagents or high percentage aqueous buffers (80 to 100%) for your separation, PRP-3 columns outlast silica based columns under common (pH 2,0) or uncommon (pH 12,7) conditions.
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