Vacuum filtration units, Nalgene®

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Nalgene® MF75™ Nalgene®
734-5011EA 406.72 EUR
734-5011 734-5002 734-5009 734-5008 734-5006 734-5082 734-5001 734-5007 734-5010 734-5003 734-5083 734-5084 734-5004 734-5005
Vacuum filtration units, Nalgene®
Filtry Nástavce filtrační
Triton X-free cellulose nitrate membrane, PS funnel and collection reservoir. Sterile disposable filters for cold sterilisation, clarification, prefiltration and ultrafiltration of buffers, culture media and aqueous solutions. Membrane with excellent wetting properties and fastest flow rates with aqueous solutions.

  • Funnel and receiver flask graduated
  • Quick disconnect tubing adapter
  • With cover

* delivered with 12 glass fibre prefilters per case

** funnel: 500 ml, receiver: 1000 ml

*** low profile

*** low profile
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