Cell culture inserts, Falcon®

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Cell culture inserts, Falcon®
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PET membranes in PET housing, sterile. Falcon® cell culture inserts are track-etched, low-protein binding, PET membranes with a smooth surface and defined cylindrical pores that transverse the membrane. Available in a wide range of configurations (6-, 12- and 24-well) and a broad selection of pore sizes (0,4, 1,0, 3,0 and 8,0 µm). Larger pore-size membranes are most suitable for investigating chemotaxis, invasion and migration; transparent membranes for visualisation of cells by light microscopy; and high pore-density membranes for maximum diffusion when studying transport, secretion or drug uptake.

  • Non-tissue culture treated insert housing prevents growth of cells on the inert walls
  • Hanging design facilitates pipetting and allows for co-culture
  • Suitable for use with Falcon® cell culture insert companion plates
  • Supplied in individual blister packs
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