Culture slides, Falcon®

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Culture slides, Falcon®
Sklíčka mikroskopická a krycí Sklíčka komůrková
Soda-lime glass slide, PS vessel, lid and tool for loosening chamber.

  • Chamber easily and safely removed using the disposable safety removal tool
  • Pressure-sensitive, biocompatible, acrylic-adhesive gasket remains with the vessel after removal, not on the slide, facilitating further processing or placement of coverslips
  • Blue hydrophobic border defines cell culture areas
  • Wells numbered for easy identification
  • Trays designed for incubator use

Falcon® CultureSlides allow cells to be cultured and then analysed on a glass microscope slide. Cells are grown in a plastic chamber attached to a specially prepared microscope slide. Cells can be fixed and stained in situ without disruption of the cell monolayer.

W×L: 25×75 mm with 1,2 mm bevelled edge
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