Reaction vessels, cylindrical, with drain valve

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LENZ06007270-V2 LENZ06007585-V2 LENZ06007482-V2 LENZ06007128-V2 LENZ06007279-V2 LENZ06007485-V2 LENZ06007473-V2 LENZ06007494 LENZ06007479-V2 LENZ06007137-V2 LENZ06007273-V2 LENZ06007149-V2 LENZ06007158-V2 LENZ06007476-V2 LENZ06007594 LENZ06007588 LENZ06007276-V2 LENZ06007258-V2 LENZ06007488
Reaction vessels, cylindrical, with drain valve
Nádoby reakční Nádoby reakční, cylindrický tvar
Reaction vessel, made of DURAN® borosilicate glass, round bottom, with easily readable graduation and laboratory flat flange (LF) with groove.

  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • High temperature resistance
  • Minimal thermal expansion giving relatively high resistance to temperature changes
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