Spore suspensions, Sportrol™

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Spore suspensions, Sportrol™
Indikátory sterilizace
Spore suspensions are pure suspensions of viable spores from specific organisms of known resistance to various sterilisation processes. These biological indicators are used to validate that bacterial spores have been completely destroyed. The indicator is simply processed with the load in the steriliser. No bacterial growth after culturing indicates that the sterilisation process is effective. Growth indicates ineffective sterilisation.

  • Spores are suspended in water for injection and provided in 10 ml pharmaceutical grade vials
  • Available in a population of 106 spores per 0,1 ml
  • Spore suspensions have a shelf life of 18 months when stored under labelled conditions

Certifikácie: Meet USP and ISO 11128-1 standards.
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