Round bottomed test tubes, Falcon®

Dodávateľ: Corning Life Sciences
734-0446EA 164.11 EUR
734-0446 734-0442 734-0445 734-0435 734-0439 734-0436 734-0985 525-0122 734-0443 525-0123 734-0438 734-0440 734-0441 734-0444 734-0000 391-0000 734-0989 734-0447 734-0986 734-0001
Round bottomed test tubes, Falcon®
Zkumavky Zkumavky na vzorky
For reliable containment of laboratory fluid samples.

  • Widely used and referenced in laboratory protocols
  • Dual-position snap caps with heavier gauge walls provide a secure, positive seal
  • Cell strainer cap tube has a 35 µm cell strainer mesh incorporated into cap

PS tubes: For procedures requiring high optical clarity.

PP tubes: For greater thermal and chemical stability.

Objednávacie informácie: Specialised tube for flow cytometry applications available (734-0001).
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