Deodorant pads, Odo-Clave®, SP Bel-Art

Dodávateľ: Bel-Art

129-4938EA 148.67 EUR
129-4938 129-4935 129-4937 129-4936
Deodorant pads, Odo-Clave®, SP Bel-Art
These pads are impregnated with a deodorant that is released by heat, which doesn't merely mask autoclave odours but actually neutralises them.

  • Protective cover melts in autoclave, allowing deodorant to be heat-activated
  • Easy to handle: simply unwrap and place a pad in each bag prior to autoclaving
  • Available in four pleasant scents

W×L: 32×32 mm

Balenie: Packed 10 pads per bag, 10 bags per box.
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