BOD measurement, OxiTop® IS6, IS12, IS12-6

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BOD measurement, OxiTop® IS6, IS12, IS12-6
Biologická spotřeba kyslíku (BOD) měřiče
BOD respirometric measurement without mercury (Hg) according to EN 1889-2 for auto-control. The OxiTop® system was designed for the measurement of BOD from wastewater samples that are not highly contaminated, by measurement of the decrease of oxygen pressure and absorption of CO₂ generated in the sample bottle by NaOH.

  • Very simple to use and mercury-free
  • Recorded values can be memorised for up to five days or viewed instantaneously on the numerical display
  • 6 and 12 sample bottle versions available
  • Measurement ranges: 0 to 40/80/200/400/800/2000/4000 mg/L BOD
  • Auto Temp function - if the sample is too cold, the start of the measurement is delayed

To be used in conjunction with a magnetic stirrer platform and a thermostatic cabinet.

OxiTop® IS12-6

IS12-6 set is a ready to use package for 6 simultaneous measurements (extendable to 12) with an IS Inductive stirring system for 12 places, and 6 OxiTop® heads and accessories as above.

Informace o dodávce: The IS sets include the ready to use package of sample bottles, stirrer platform and stirrer bars, stirrer bar retriever, rubber sleeves, NaOH pellets, 1 each of overflow measuring flask 164 and 432 ml, nitrification inhibitor (thermostatic cabinet not included).
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