Dish-shaped Dewar flasks, type SCH-CAL

Dodávateľ: KGW-Isotherm
478-4510EA 667.19 EUR
478-4510 478-0226 478-4503 478-4509 KGWA1675 KGWA1671 KGWA1674 478-4511 KGWA1673 478-4506 478-4505 478-4507 KGWA1672
Dish-shaped Dewar flasks, type SCH-CAL
Nádoby kryogenní skladovací
Silvered borosilicate glass, structured aluminium protective covering. For tempering of round bottom flasks, cooling of small samples. They are vacuum insulated and silvered.

  • Suitable as hot or cold bath
  • Can be used on a magnetic stirrer
  • The cover is anti-magnetic and stainless

Temperature range from −200 to +200 °C.

CAL flasks have an external stucco aluminium protective casing, alternatively the glass inserts (without casing) are also available.
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