Dissolved oxygen probes, CellOx® / DurOx®

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Dissolved oxygen probes, CellOx® / DurOx®
Elektrody Sondy pro stanovení kyslíku
Galvanic dissolved oxygen sensors for universal (CellOx®) or field use (DurOx®).

  • Membrane-covered sensors
  • User friendly and long operation time

CellOx® 325 is a dissolved oxygen sensor with integrated temperature compensation and membrane leak monitoring, which can be used in the lab as well as in the field. Its features include a quick response time (t99<60 s) and low-maintenance operation. Its fields of use include surface waters, measurements in wastewater treatment plants, BOD directions, but also industrial and other applications. It is filled with electrolyte and achieves a long dwelling time up to 6 months. The calibration vessel is part of the delivery.

DurOx® is a robust, membrane-covered galvanic dissolved oxygen sensor for applications in flowing waters, fish hatcheries, aeration basins and more fields. With screw-on protection. The special membranes achieve stable measured values, especially in the aeration basin and similar applications with strongly fluctuating oxygen content.

Measuring ranges:
Oxygen: 0 to 50 mg/L (concentration); 0 to 600% (saturation)
Partial pressure: 0 to 1250 mbar
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