Ice cubers, self contained, ACM and EC series

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Ice cubers, self contained, ACM and EC series
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ACM ice cubers:
The ACM series self contained ice cube makers are air cooled, electronically controlled and manufactured from 304 stainless steel. They produce standard medium thimble shaped super cubes that are very hard and crystal clear. Thimble shaped cubes have a large surface area so that they melt slower than a standard cube and makes them better for chilling. It also means that they are less likely to stick together in the integral storage bin or in an ice bucket. The ice cubers require a 19 mm (0,75") ‘washing machine' type tapped mains water supply, a correctly rated power supply and a 38 mm (1,5") vented drain (ideally no higher than the base of the machine) within one metre of the machines intended position before delivery.
With integral ice cube storage bin.

EC ice cubers:
The new EC ice cubers share the same features and specifications as the ACM models listed above, except that they are supplied with a built-in drain pump which provides simple drainage and easy installation. Please contact the VWR Technical Office for further information.

Objednávacie informácie: Please note that water filtration systems are available for these ice makers. They are designed to reduce unscheduled service calls associated with the equipment’s internal water system, this includes lime scale build-up, corrosion, sediment, bacteria etc. Please contact the VWR Technical Office for full details.

Pozor: * height including legs where applicable
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