Multi-channel pipettes, mechanical, variable volume, Proline®

Dodávateľ: Sartorius

613-4063EA 930.6 EUR
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Multi-channel pipettes, mechanical, variable volume, Proline®
Pipety Micropipettes
These Proline® multi-channel mechanical pipettes are ideal for universities and colleges or any laboratory seeking a cost-efficient, practical and reliable liquid-handling tool. Due to its relatively light weight, high accuracy and precision, it is used by many professionals.

  • Ergonomic finger support, which reduces the risk of RSI
  • Easy-to-use volume setting thanks to the click stop feature
  • Highly resistant tip cone material ensures tip cone durability
  • Reduced risk of contamination with Safe-Cone Filters available for models >10 µl

Proline® can be used with many universal tip brands which makes it a flexible tool for various laboratories.

Informace o dodávce: Supplied with five extra filters, forceps, a calibration tool and a convenient lab bench pipette holder.
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