Single-channel pipettes, mechanical, variable volume, mLINE®

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Single-channel pipettes, mechanical, variable volume, mLINE®
Pipety Micropipettes
mLINE® pipettes offer a unique combination of new features for higher accuracy and precision. They include built-in replaceable tip cone filters, which prevent pipette contamination and damage.

  • Clear and easy to read display with big numbers and small increments
  • Equipped with special spring-loaded tip cones (i.e. the Optiload mechanism) allowing tip loading and ejection using minimum force
  • Plunger technology results in the lowest pipetting forces
  • Volume range colour coding for easy pipette selection, five colour coding caps
  • Thermal insulation of the internal components improves both accuracy and reproducibility
  • Fully autoclavable

There are two types of filter available: Safe-Cone standard filter and Safe-Cone Plus. It is recommended to use the Standard filter for general applications and the Plus filter for more demanding applications, such as cell culture, bacterial, viral work and molecular biology.

* Safe-Cone Plus

Objednávacie informácie: mLINE® pipettes are supplied as single pipettes or Multipacks packed into a box.
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