Orbital shakers, Rotamax 120 and Unimax series

Dodávateľ: Heidolph

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Orbital shakers, Rotamax 120 and Unimax series
Třepačky Třepačky orbitální
Orbital shakers with analogue control dials for vibration frequency. The two dimensional swirling action produced is ideal for cultivating microorganisms and cell or tissue cultures. Motion is continuously adjustable.

  • Continuous or timer operation; timer function with audible signal for unattended operation: Unimax 1010 up to 999 min process time, Rotamax 120 and Unimax 2010 up to 120 min
  • Unimax models have digital display; for speed (Unimax 2010), for speed and time (Unimax 1010)
  • Modular system; combine Unimax 1010 with Incubator 1000 with choice of a low or high incubator hood
  • Can be used at 0 to 50 °C (80% relative humidity), in an incubator or cold room

Certifikácie: IP protection class according to DIN EN 60529: Rotamax IP 30, Unimax 1010 IP 40, Unimax 2010 IP 20

Informácie o príslušenstve: Rotamax accessories are category B, Unimax 1010 accessories are category D and Unimax 2010 accessories are category E. Unimax 1010 complete package includes: Orbital platform shaker Unimax 1010, heating module, Incubator 1000 and high incubator hood.

Informace o dodávce: Supplied with non-slip rubber mat, required accessories must be ordered separately.
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