VWR®, Vortexy, třepačky, vícekapacitní

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444-7061EA 6373.32 EUR
VWRU58816-115 VWRU58816-116 VWRU14005-832 444-7061 VWRU14005-826 444-0987 444-7063 VWRU10027-190
VWR®, Vortexy, třepačky, vícekapacitní
Třepačky Vortexy
Designed to hold multiple test tubes, test tube racks, vials or cylinders. Vortexing action is created by securing the top of the vessel in place while allowing the bottom to move freely in a defined orbit. Two stainless steel posts hold the support plate securely in place for quiet, rattle-free mixing. The support plate is easily adjustable by loosening knobs and moving the support plate up and down. The circular groove around the top of the taller post allows the support plate to be swung away from the tray for easy removal of samples. The suction cup feet dampen motion and prevent the unit from moving along the work bench. Made from stainless steel with corrosion resistant paint. Equipped with a powerful, permanent magnet motor with sealed ball bearings. Motor is rated for continuous duty.

  • ideální pro promíchání velkého množství zkumavek najednou
  • zařízení schopné zpracovat větší objemy než standardní třepačky
  • možnost volby mezi analogovým nebo digitálním modelem

Analogová vortexová třepačka (444-7063) má nastavitelnou rychlost otáčení s automatickým časovačem pro jednoduché opakování cyklů a nakloněný přední ovládací panel.

Digital vortexer (444-7061) features a microprocessor controller for digital programming of both speed and time and a pulse feature for difficult mixing applications. Ideal for applications that require accuracy and repeatability. Digital readouts of both speed and time are easily viewed from the easy to read LED display.

Timer can be programmed or can be run in continuous mode. Versatile pulsing feature stops and starts the unit in pre-determined increments to add further agitation to mixing process. Pulsing program can be set from 1 second on/off up to 59 seconds on/off, allowing for a wide variety of pulsing combinations. The operator can set the pulsing features to run for 1 to 59 seconds and have a delay of 59 seconds, then the cycle repeats. Pulsing can be used in both timed and continuous mode.

Informace o dodávce: Supplied with one 50×12 mm blue test tube rack (444-7066). Additional colour coded foam test tube racks, post extension kit and replacement tray pad set are sold separately. Each unit is supplied complete with three plugs: EU, UK and CH for use throughout Europe.
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