Test sieves, 200×50 mm

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ENDE200SAW4.00EA 244.97 EUR
ENDE200SAW4.00 510-0356 ENDE200SAW2.80 ENDE200SAW1.70 ENDE200SAW8.00 510-0366 ENDE200SAW2.36 510-0362 ENDE200SAW1.40 510-0360 ENDE200SAW.106 ENDE200SAW53.0 ENDE200SAW16.0 ENDE200SAW45.0 ENDE200SAW37.5 ENDE200SAW31.5 ENDE200SAW3.35 ENDE200SAW100 510-0359 ENDE200SAW75.0 ENDE200SAW11.2 510-0357 ENDE200SAW4.75 ENDE200SAW19.0 ENDE200SAW106 ENDE200SAW90.0 ENDE200SAW22.4 510-0363 ENDE200SAW6.70 510-0365 510-0370 ENDE200SAW12.5 ENDE200SAW.053 ENDE200SAW5.60 ENDE200SAW25.0 ENDE200SAW26.5 510-0367 ENDE200SAW6.30 ENDE200SAW13.2 ENDE200SAW50.0 ENDE200SAW.025 ENDE200SAW.150 ENDE200SAW.032 ENDE200SAW63.0 ENDE200SAW.212 ENDE200SAW1.18 510-0364 510-0369 510-0358 ENDE200SAW125 510-0361 ENDE200SAW.600 ENDE200SAW9.50 ENDE200SAW.020 510-0371 510-0368
Test sieves, 200×50 mm
Síta Síta
These test sieves are made from stainless steel.

Certifikácie: According to ASTM E 11-95

Informace o dodávce: Each sieve is delivered with an individual quality certificate.
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