Slide stainer, PolyStainer

Dodávateľ: IUL Instruments SA
Poly Stainer
720-0106EA 7411.95 EUR
Slide stainer, PolyStainer
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The PolyStainer is used for staining sample material on slides. Usual staining methods include gram staining or May Grünwald staining. However, any other staining methods can be used in the 10 program slots available. Up to 20 slides can be processed as a set in a maximum of four staining solutions. The tanks for the staining solutions are interchangeable and are supplied with a cover. One reservoir has a volume of 450ml. The periods of time during which the samples are to remain moving or resting in the staining solution, as well as the drip time over the tank, are freely programmable. The integrated water bath is used to rinse the samples. The rinsing time, and when fresh water is to be added, can also be programmed. The slides are dried in a hot air chamber located next to the water bath.

  • Dyeing tasks are carried out in reproducible quality and with minimal user intervention
  • The entire stainless steel tank, which contains the water bath, the drying chamber and the staining solution tank, can be removed for cleaning
  • Electronic components are housed in an elevated position, protected against splashes

Informace o dodávce: Basic unit complete with slide basket and four plastic reagent tanks with lid.
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