Multi-function air quality measuring apparatus, testo 435

Dodávateľ: Testo

620-0197EA 697 EUR
620-0197 620-0198 620-1200
Multi-function air quality measuring apparatus, testo 435
Stanice meteorologická
The testo 435 measuring instruments are designed to analyse the ventilation and indoor air quality of the working environment, serving as an indicator for the wellbeing of people at their workplaces and as a monitor in storage and production process areas. The indoor air quality alerts whether the air conditioning system (HVAC) is working to maximum efficiency. Absolute pressure, draught, Lux, U-value, CO₂, temperature and volume flow can additionally be determined.

  • Printout on optional Testo printer
  • A maximum of three wireless probes can be recorded and displayed
  • In addition to classical probes on wires, a wireless measurement up to a distance of 20 m (without obstruction) is possible

* Accuracy NTC: ±0,2 (−25 to +74,9) °C; ±0,4 (−50 to −25,1; 75 to 99,9) °C; ±0,5% of mv (remaining range).

* Accuracy Type K/T: ±0,3 (−60 to +60) °C; ±0,2 °C ±0,3% of mv (remaining range).

Informace o dodávce: Supplied with a AA battery for approximately 200 hours of use.
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