Chloroform ≥99.8% stabilizovaný for biotechnology

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0757-500ML 0757-950ML
Chloroform ≥99.8% stabilizovaný for biotechnology

Commonly mixed with phenol to enhance the extraction of DNA. Used to recover the aqueous phase overlaid with mineral oil in PCR procedures.

Vzorec: CHCl₃
Mw: 119,38 g/mol
Teplota varu: 59,4…61.5 °C
Teplota tavenia: –63 °C
Hustota: 1,4832 g/cm³ (20 °C)
Skladovacia teplota: Ambient
Číslo MDL: MFCD00000826
Číslo CAS: 67-66-3
EINECS: 200-663-8
OSN: 1888
ADR: 6.1,III
REACH: 01-2119486657-20
Merck Index: 13,02160

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Výsledky špecifikačného testu

Abs.@ 245nm ≤1
Abs.@ 255nm ≤0.25
Abs.@ 260nm ≤0.15
Abs.@ 270nm ≤0.05
Abs.@ 290nm ≤0.01
Abs.@ 400nm <0.01
Chloride <10 ppm
Color (APHA) <10
Lead <0.05 ppm
Moisture (KF) <0.05%
Purity >99.8%
Residue After Evaporation <0.001%
Titratable Free Acid <0.5 meq/g

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