Safety weighing cabinets, SWC series

Dodávateľ: Sartorius
SARBSWC1200TEA 32412.88 EUR
Safety weighing cabinets, SWC series
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These safety weighing cabinets has greater protection and reliability in weighing hazardous powdered compounds.

  • Maximum personnel protection
  • Reliable weighing results

It creates a contained area around the laboratory balance which prevents any air or finely powdered particulates from escaping into the operating personnel's work area.

They are available in four different dimensions for special applications, such as using a second laboratory balance in the cabinet or for unusually high structures.

The constant inlet air velocity and special cabinet construction both keep the air current practically turbulence-free and as a result, ensure consistent and repeatable weighing results.

Certifikácie: Comply with the requirements of EN14175.

Informace o dodávce: Each of the four basic models consists of safety weighing cabinet with a separate HEPA filter unit, data-logging alarm, lighting unit, waste disposal system (on one side), airflow smoke test kit and antistatic cleaning wipes.
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