pH/mV/°C meters, handheld, HandyLab 600

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pH/mV/°C meters, handheld, HandyLab 600
Meřiče elektrochemické Meřiče pH a multimetry
These portable measuring devices can be used with IDS (Intelligent Digital Sensors) sensors. IDS sensors automatically store their unique serial number and calibration data. They also process signals providing superior data integrity. This enables effective evaluation of the sensor quality by means of the Quality Sensor Control (QSC) function.

  • AutoRead function provides a stabile, precise measuring value
  • CMC (Continuous Measurement Control): Visualises whether the measuring value is within the calibration range
  • QSC (Quality Sensor Control): Informs about the actual condition of the electrode and therefore increases operation safety
  • Digital and automatic capture of all sensor data guarantees traceability of the measuring values
  • Transmission of all data in *.csv format via USB interface to the PC; alternatively formatted transfer into Excel via MultiLabImporter (included in the delivery)

The single meters are supplied without electrode. Sets include a combination electrode, buffer solutions, measuring beakers and a carrying case.

Objednávacie informácie: The meter is available in application-oriented sets including meter, electrode and standard case.
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