Serum separator tubes, SST™ II advance, BD Vacutainer®

Dodávateľ: BD Medical
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Serum separator tubes, SST™ II advance, BD Vacutainer®
Systémy pro klinickou diagnostiku
PET, clear.

  • Silica (Clot Activator)/Gel
  • Stable barrier between serum and clotted blood, therefore better analyte stability
  • Better sample quality
  • Optimisation of the work flow: Short centrifugation time, sample processing and archiving in the primary tube
  • No possibility of misidentification due to the use of secondary tubes

During the centrifugation of the BD Vacutainer® SST™ II Advance tubes, an inert gel separates the serum and the blood clot preventing the contamination of the serum from the separated cellular components. For example, the serum for certain analytes such as potassium, phosphorus and glucose must be separated from the cells within a few hours - otherwise the results will be significantly distorted. Using BD SST™ II Advance tubes routine analytes in clinical chemistry such as potassium and glucose are still stable after a week of storage at 2-8ºC. Clinical evaluations of special chemistry demonstrate a high degree of analyte stability with the acrylic gel in the BD SST™ II Advance, with detection of >90% of the therapeutic drugs and other special analytes (proteins/peptides, steroids and vitamins) tested.
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