Biological safety cabinets, Class II, Bio II Advance Plus

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Biological safety cabinets, Class II, Bio II Advance Plus
Digestoře Biologické boxy
The Bio II Advance Plus has been developed to maximise the convenience, comfort and safety for the user, the sample and the environment whilst minimising the cabinet dimensions. Bio II Advance Plus achieves the best balance between external dimensions and useful working area: Only 759 mm in width and 1260 mm in height, the Bio II Advance Plus provides a working volume of 340 dm³. This range has been designed to provide the best biological Class II safety cabinet features available while offering practical ergonomics, silent working conditions, easy cleaning, less energy consumption and easy service and maintenance.

  • Innovative and original sliding window, designed to be easily adjusted at a 200 mm working aperture
  • Control panel with international colour code to indicate cabinet status; the main screen shows main working parameters at a glance
  • Automatic control by microprocessor continuously guarantees the correct air speed thereby minimising power consumption and noise
  • The front window allows complete and comfortable access to the working chamber, making cleaning easy and making it possible to enter large objects and accessories into the working chamber
  • The working surface is divided into segments which allow cleaning and even sterilisation in an autoclave
  • Quiet operation, with a sound level below 58 dB(A)

Bio II Advance Eco Mode puts the cabinet into stand by: The sample remains protected inside the cabinet while the user is performing other tasks, thereby saving energy, decreasing the cabinet's heat and reducing the rate of filter clogging. This saves energy, reduces sound level and heat emission.

Innovative and unique 4F System (Fast, Friendly and eFFicient) is a Telestar system for filter replacement. Filters are easily accessible from the front of the cabinet and using a unique fast clamping/unclamping device the time required to replace the filters is reduced to five minutes.

Construction: The cabinets are made of a 304L stainless steel chamber with rounded angles and hardened security glass sides. The front window is anti-reflective with UV protection. It is fully sealed and prevents user exposure to escaped aggressive substances, the sample from ambient contamination and maintains cleanliness of the internal surface of the window.

Certifikácie: The Bio II Advance Plus cabinets are independently tested and certified by TÜV Nord, the main certification body in Europe, to guarantee conformity to standard EN 12469 for Class II biological safety cabinets (30% exhaust, 70% recirculation unit). The Bio II Advance is specified for working with levels 1, 2 and 3 pathogenic agents. It also conforms to the main requirements NSF/ANSI 49 (Class II A2), JIS K3800, SFDA YY-0569 and AS2252.
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