Condensers, Liebig, BOLA

Dodávateľ: Bohlender
BOHLB291-02EA 446.5 EUR
BOHLB291-02 BOHLB291-04 BOHLB291-06
Condensers, Liebig, BOLA
PFA, PTFE, PP and glass.

  • Temperature resistance from −200 to +250 °C
  • Very good chemical resistance
  • Transparency: transparent

Thin-walled cooling tube made of translucent and gastight PFA, cooling ja-cket made of borosilicate glass with hose connectors made of PP and nuts for connection of cooling water, ground joint cone and socket made of PTFE. The distillate is only exposed to PFA/PTFE. Integrated special nut (Safe-Lab) for easy locking and unlocking of the ground joint.
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