Laboratory screw joints with GL thread, BOLA

Dodávateľ: Bohlender
BOHLD597-02EA 29.06 EUR
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Laboratory screw joints with GL thread, BOLA
Uzávěry Víčka na zkumavky
Red screw cap made of glass-fibre reinforced ETFE, inner parts consisting of a v-ring (ETFE), a tapered ring and a sealing ring (both PTFE) as well as an o-ring (FKM) for tubing diameters under 3 mm, (not exposed to the medium). The medium is only exposed to PTFE.

  • Temperature resistance: from −50 to +150 °C
  • Universal chemical resistance
  • Pressure: 10 bar
  • Vacuum: suitable

Connecting equipment and fittings with GL threads with hard-walled tubing or tubes made of glass, plastic or metal. Fixing probes, thermometers, dip tubes or cables in reaction vessels. Ideal for use in aggressive ambiance (e.g. with aggressive vapours or evaporation).
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