Marker pens, dykem®, SP Bel-Art

Dodávateľ: Bel-Art
BELAF133770000EA 121.42 EUR
BELAF133770000 BELAF133770001
Marker pens, dykem®, SP Bel-Art
Popisovače Fixy smývatelné
Writes on all plastics, glass, metal, wood, paper and cloth, including Teflon® fluoropolymer resins.

  • Precision seal valve provides smooth ink flow and preserves the pen’s life, even if left uncapped
  • When dry, the solvent based ink is temperature resistant from 0 to 155 °C (32 to 310 °F)
  • Markings are insoluble in water or hydrocarbons
  • Resists many solvents, but is easily removed with alcohol or acetone
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