Reagents for Karl Fischer titrations, Aquastar®, Supelco®

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Reagents for Karl Fischer titrations, Aquastar®, Supelco®
Karl Fischer Titrants and Reagents
The Aquastar® range is designed to provide reagents for the determination of water by Karl Fischer titration of a wide range of substrates and by a variety of methodologies. These include reagents for one- or two-component systems; combined coulometric reagents; solvents for oils and fats; reagents and solvents for determination of water in ketones and aldehydes. Calibration standards are also available.

  • CombiTitrants and CombiSolvents are non toxic
  • Very accurate and reproducible results
  • Rapid and reliable

Merck have introduced into the range of Aquastar® Titrants, some packs with additional technology - Supelco® SmartTitrants that use an RFID tag to provide a seamless data transfer between the smart titrator and the RFID tag on the label of the bottle of titrant. It will ensure that all information needed for method execution, result calculation and documentation is transferred to the titrator equipped with this technology. Mettler Toledo Compact and Excellence titrators include this technology. Please see ordering table below for packs with RFID tags.

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