IV catheter, Introcan®

Dodávateľ: B. Braun
720-2509EA 152.79 EUR
720-2509 720-2511 720-2510 BRAU4252160B 720-2508 720-2506 BRAU4252322B 720-2545 BRAU4252110B 720-2512 720-2505 BRAU4252071B 720-2507
IV catheter, Introcan®
Conventional IV catheter designed for single-handed insertion. Push-off plate on catheter hub facilitates single-handed puncture procedures. Sharp backcut bevel for minimal puncture trauma.

  • Four fully embedded x-ray contrast lines
  • Hydrophobic blood stoppers and lock fitting
  • Colour-coded sizes
  • Latex free and PVC free, catheter made of FEP

Certifikácie: ISO 10555-1/5 — Same properties as the Introcan Safety® (with PUR catheter) excluding the integrated, self-activating safety device for preventing needlestick injuries and the associated risk of infection.
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