Disposable PD-10 desalting columns

Dodávateľ: Cytiva
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Disposable PD-10 desalting columns
Kolony chromatografické
PD-10 desalting columns contain Sephadex™ G-25 resin for rapid buffer exchange, desalting, and removal of small contaminants (salts, dyes, radioactive labels) from samples using gravity flow or centrifugation.

  • Flexible protocols allow runs by gravity flow or centrifugation
  • Preparation of the samples in the range of 1,0 to 2,5 ml by gravity flow and 1,75 to 2,5 ml with centrifugation
  • Desalt multiple samples in parallel with a desalting capacity >98% with gravity; >90% with centrifugation
  • Recovery in the range 70 to >95%
  • Stable over pH 2 to 13 and tolerates all commonly used aqueous buffers

Informace o dodávce: Each product pack includes 30 columns, a buffer tray, a column stand, and 4 adapters for centrifugation.
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