DNA transfection reagent for virus production, PEIpro®

Dodávateľ: Polyplus-transfection
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DNA transfection reagent for virus production, PEIpro®
Reagencie transfekční
PEIpro® is a ready to use 1 mg/ml optimised linear polyethylenimine (PEI) reagent for the production of virus and recombinant proteins by Transient Gene Expression (TGE) in suspension-adapted mammalian cell lines cultivated in shaker flasks, platform shakers or stirred tank bioreactors.

  • Optimised for large scale Transient Gene Expression for virus production
  • Increased viral titers compared to other PEIs
  • Perfectly suitable for the development of bioproduction processes
  • Free of animal-origin components
  • Well characterised and lot release tested linear PEI
  • Reliable and secure supply
  • Can also be used for large scale protein production

PEIpro® is a DNA transfection reagent for production of viruses, recombinant proteins and antibodies either in adherent cells in presence of serum or in suspension HEK-293 and CHO cells grown in low serum or serum-free media.

PEIpro® undergoes full chemical testing and is compliant with the regulatory guidelines for raw materials used in bioproduction. The reagent is supplied with advanced quality controls including a specific transfection efficiency test that ensures excellent lot-to-lot consistency, and an implied license statement.

Since 1st of September 2021 Polyplus-Tranfection changed product part numbers. Products are remaining the same and the change is only related to the product part number. New product part numbers have symbol “New”. For duplicated products with symbol “telephone” please be informed that it’s the same product but with previous part number which we will only offer till the end of stock.

Certifikácie: Polyplus-transfection® has been an ISO 9001 accredited company since 2002. Since then this certification has been successfully renewed every three years.

PEIpro® is fully synthetic and free of any component of animal-origin. The quality of PEIpro® is continuously assessed and documented during manufacturing with the appropriate control testings. Further systematic lot management and release testing is performed for each lot produced. A qualified transfection assay ensures reliability and reproducibility of the transfection efficiency under conditions suitable for biomanufacturing. PEIpro® undergoes sterility, mycoplasma and bacterial endotoxin testing according to pharmacopoeia standards.

Objednávacie informácie: Larger volumes are available upon request. Please contact your local VWR sales office for further information.

Pozor: For bioproduction and research use only. Not intended for animal or human diagnostic or therapeutic use.
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