Corning® PuraMatrix™ Peptide Hydrogel, Corning

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Corning® PuraMatrix™ Peptide Hydrogel, Corning
Doplňky a přísady médií z buněčných kultur
Corning® PuraMatrix™ Peptide Hydrogel is a synthetic matrix used to create defined three dimensional (3D) micro-environments for a variety of cell culture experiments

  • Promotes cell attachment
  • Easily mixed with cells and/or bioactive molecules (such as growth factors) prior to gelation, and is injectable for in vivo studies in animals
  • Transparent

Corning PuraMatrix Peptide Hydrogel has been shown to promote differentiation of hepatocyte progenitor cells, rat pheochromocytoma cells (PC12), hippocampal neurons, and endothelial cells. Studies have also demonstrated the hydrogel supports the attachment of a variety of primary (e.g., neuronal, fibroblast, keratinocyte) and transformed (e.g., MG-63, SH-SY5Y, HEK293, NIH3T3) cell types. Other potential applications include stem cell proliferation, tumor cell migration and invasion, angiogenesis assays, and In Vivo analyses of tissue regeneration.

To achieve optimal cell growth and differentiation, it is necessary to determine the appropriate mixture of this material and bioactive molecules (e.g., growth factors, extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins, and/or other molecules). Corning PuraMatrix Peptide Hydrogel consists of standard amino acids (1% w/v) and 99% water. Under physiological conditions, the peptide component self-assembles into a 3D hydrogel with a nanometer-scale fibrous structure. The hydrogel is readily formed in a Falcon culture dish, plate, or cell culture insert.
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